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Pass Around the FEESH!🎣


The man, the human being James H. Meigs, III has revived from his aneurysm several years ago and is thriving more than ever.

In the film Jim Bob plays “Mr. Bob" and is seen (below) wearing THE ACTUAL ROLLING THUNDER vest  which has probably seen some things we’re just gettin’ set (NOW) to write about. His colors were stripped when he was eventually  allowed to leave the club after about 12 years. They beat him up REAL BAD to remind him not to talk ‘bout nothin.' 

Here's the Theme Song from the Soundtrack💽
"Where Did My Dreams Go?" The FILM Sequel is now being written by the “Billy Posse,” as characterized by Jim Bob Meigs. When we last saw him  the handicapped man with eight toes at 225 lbs. was futilely pulling up on a melted form of a woman at 4:40 AM, his drunken mother.
A Member of Performance Gallery Films, LLC (as invited guest) picked up the sloppy sister of Billy Acker and put her in the bed because her son is unable to night after night, year after year. Next day, we left the place where we are producing the film and music as her younger son was suddenly arriving from Connecticut. Perfectly legal, eh? We exited the next day as we heard the brother he says he has no choice but to  “hate ‘em because he’s just a jerk” was coming around again despite our attempts to have protection from another Corona Beer-Laced physical attempt to attack us.

Jim Bob added about his own ‘brother,' “He’s a T-Shirt Salesman who never has a job. He don't work." This sudden appearance (obviously planned by ‘uncle’ Billy Acker, chief financial analyst of the ‘Billy Posse’) forced us to cancel the planned scene with real-life sons John & Pronce. “Why’d he have t'piss on his own boys chance in a film?” 

In searching for a reason why these folks are "mean," according to Jim Meigs, III we look no farther than the Grandfathers. Commmon knowledge by those informed through actual research is that 'Freemasons are mean to their children," "The Freemasons get all the good jobs," "The average Freemason is just your neighbor, " & "The higher degrees would know that, in fact, freemasonry is  a religion and it's the worship of Satan,"    according to Professor Eric Karlstrom (26:54 min.) In an interview with another Freemason's son, Freeman, a researcher with a vast knowledge of Freemasonry which cannot be touched by the average Blue Lodge Craftsman, he explains that those at the top know what those below will never know. Those at the top rule the world and one will not find this in the newspapers and TV programming which they own. (Learn what the logo's mean.)

FREEMASONIC BACKGROUND - Both Grandfathers - Jim Meigs Grandfather   Grand Tribunal of the Grand Lodge of Alabama

Biography: William Proncy Acker born August 17, 1868

This is the very same “brother” who was sent by father ("Mean Man Meigs...")
Jimmy Meigs (top two photos,) a noted local golfer all of his life down the hill at the Anniston Country Club & often in the town newspaper.

...down to extract Jim Meigs, III, from his life as a Biker with the Rolling Thunder. “The idiot (Bill Meigs, lives in Connecticut  now)  came down there and got drunk as piss and started bad mouthing me. To my Brothers. Can you believe how stupid? They took him out back and beat the living shit out of him." This was quite a few years ago as they both hover near 60-years-old. "He still brings it up. Every damn time he comes down here. I didn't do it. HE DID IT TO HIMSELF, DAMMIT! Go suck on another Corona. Piss beer (shakes his head.)”

Background Anniston, AL Villainy
This is the same town where the infamous Husband-Murderer ‘Black Widow’ Marie Hilley worked without emotion. Here’s a visual glimpse into ’Uncle Billy Acker’s Anniston, AL’  & his nephew Jim Bob Meigs emotion-denying drama being concocted and dominated by the ‘millionaire’ ($) uncle.

Jim Bob says, “...everything was put in my name to hide it all from his (Bill Meigs) wife Danielle." James H. Meigs, III added, "They got divorced  (brother Bill Meigs and spouse Danielle (DiGeronimo, Glastonberry, CT, according to Public Divorce Records Online) and she’s just mean as hell.  And that’s when (that and building my cabin) I found out I gotta go through Billy before Sidney (Region’s Birmingham 'stockbroker') lets me have some.  You saw th’ numbers..." (in a forced ‘Dog & Pony Show’ attendance by Jeanne Meigs in her own home. There, an  80-year-old southern woman who cannot hear without a squaking device and a clueless man just off an aneurism heard, “We recommend...CISCO,” said the nice and young financial analyst. Both Meigs parties sat motionless during the show. It was at this time the monthly printout was handed to a relation forced to attend, “because Billy can’t make it. He’s in Antigua. Look at these for me. I can’t see too well,” said the lady of the house.) 

Danielle DiGeronimo, Generations Family Health Center

James Meigs later said, “Three million dollars," ($3,000,000.00, approx. inheritance) "...I built my cabin with Chris" (Stephens, approx. $200,000.00 and a vitally important set in both feature films and, now, not accessible to complete production. This is the same cabin where “Tinker” was filmed previously.) In another moment of our collecting AMAZING quotes along the way, Jim Bob said, “My brother said Uncle Billy was a fool down at (his son’s) wedding. My brother said, "He embarrassed the shit out of everyone and got drunk and blabbered on the microphone and was 'squeezing all over his International Students." (This last quote is really not important to the future of the film but it provides insight as it was actually said and it reveals that both brothers are not big fans of the financially controlling relative. It is so boring and unclever to write in a script that rich family members hate each other. We're not writing at the moment. We are recording people who can’t stop...)

So, back to the "Billy Posse." "I was coming back from the Doctor (appointment on file) and my 'brother' called me and asked me where I was. I got back there and they were all a-waitin on me. Billy, Joyce (one aunt,) Bill, Mom, and Sidney ('Rejins' Legal Maritime Law Stockbroker.) They said they were puttin' us in Long Term Care. You got the "Sitters" in here from Dr. Stansell to stop the bleedin'. Why did Billy Acker have to go and kick you in the balls?"


We said, "He missed. He thought he was using the missing leg."

"OOPS!," said Jim Bob, Nephew. "'Member when you let him hold onto your shoulder back out to the car when it was..."

"....raining. Yeah, you don't expect gratitude from someone who ignores you and your Momma like that. But, it sure is "legal."

Now is the time to receive some old stories you Bikers, you fellow Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Sisters & Brothers he ran across back in his Macon days. ( We know most of ‘em are X-Rated and we tried not to tell them but he’s being put away. So, bring 'em on.

(All Photos ©GMGriffin, Performance Gallery Films, LLC for "The Lake Drain" Feature Film (©Writer's Guild of America Registered Outline,) "The Untold Legendary Tales of The Lake Drain" and the Soundtrack Album, "Under the Gallery (Live)")


Dale Earnhardt, JR.

 His new life on the legal side of the law (after 'Harley-Davidson Freedom' as a Rolling Thunder club biker down near Macon, GA to escape a lifelong torturing 'alcoholic father,' according to Jim Bob, our hero in the film) is as a legitimate Producer & Actor in a professional film with Sag-Aftra Union Actors. 
Starring in a film of his life we have evidence of his producing and acting work now on iTunes, and a Soundtrack Album for the next film in production available in most online record stores. ( AMAZON  )

His use of inherited funds, “with my name on those papers to hide my brother’s inheritance from his wife in the divorce,” while currently a captive to his alcoholic mother, who, “treats me worse than a servant," has had his situation "legally" changed against his real consent for the worse.

“My feet were on me back’ards when I was born," said James H. Meigs, III is his Deep Woods Southern Drawl. "I think my momma was drunk when she had me." He added, "They made me go in for some kinda' evaluations, looking at blocks and ink blots and said I was stupid. It was humiliating. It's still humiliating to be related to all of 'em."

FOJB: Here ya go. You all get this. Silly, huh?

The story development for, "The Untold Legendary Tales of The Lake Drain" has been taken out of our hands...for the moment. Our legal production has been sabotaged and with great personal emotional distress (and loss of personal family heirlooms) we are ejected by a Millionaire with one leg who could have prevented a disastrous situation over years with more than the smattering of caring. So, we record the events here (away from Facebook) where the embarrassment is palpable and sad and our growing number of friends can keep up with Jim Bob. 

Before his phone is removed:

"Hang in there, Jim Bob!"




“Keep the truck as long as you need it, you know.”

A Member of Performance Gallery Films, LLC asks him,

 "Who owns the truck?"

I own that truck."
James H. Meigs, III of 550 Hillyer High Rd., Anniston, AL where he has tried to perform a legal business activity.

In the background monitoring a Member of Performance Gallery Films, LLC forced exit from the invited guest status by Jeanne Meigs with no discussion allowed with her, supposed owner of the home and Jim Bob’s mother, is “Mark Jones” who is witness to Jim Bob’s statement and also the proxy for the brother of whom it was explicitly requested that he “not be present” (in emails and recordings) for fear of another drunken physical attack by the "Corona Beer-Sucking" brother." We were “watched" and left behind antiques and other personal items (including two nice oil paintings.) NOTE: The witness was also at the moldy lake house (Dysfunctional Phase 1 Storyline) and said, "I'm in the middle. Bill sent me to watch the money." This is also the contractor of whom his part-time, sometime contracting ‘helpers' revealed to us their complete disdain for his employment tactics. He is also the contractor for installing heaters downstairs which, are you ready?.., turn off at 32 degrees. 😜

 Well, Jim Bob, we are going to follow up on our pledge given to you over and over to finish the film and give YOU the opportunity to continue the liberation you desire from your ‘supressors." 

AND HERE’s an Interesting note addressed to “Little Bob Man” 🤠(Couldn't verify as you are not accessible to us...but...)

🕵🏻We got a note from “Cherokee" who says he was around with The Thunder down there in Macon, yes? He says, he will,

 “...get the keys below ______ there” and he’ll “hold on to it in Ga. until the brother is ready an come for it. Tell him its cross the street from before. We all miss you, too. Come visit, soon. SKULL & CROSSBONES FOREVER! 

- Cherokee  - 5/8/17

FOJB: Here, below, as YOU KNOW, is what we are really dealing with here. Even Jim Bob is aware he becomes a lap dog at the sound of their voices. It is as if he enters a state of mind control when they speak. You can figure it out for yourself. We don’t make up the script as you really know. It is very boring to watch family members deny happiness with a “legal” and “financial” interaction where they actually reveal their intention by using words like, “recuse” as if it excuses proven human being neglect.

PART 1 Docufictional Dysfunctional Family Storyline Background  in Development

PART 2 Docufictional Dysfunctional Storyline Background Background

Whose making charges here? Not us. We will journalistically fulfill the right to record aggression against our legal right to advertise and create income. Here, we are FORCED to record the boring alcoholic antics of his Meigs and Acker families of Anniston, AL. Our production has been shut down temporarily and we have been ejected by the man who has been filmed as the Villain of Lake Drain2. Billy Acker playing (Tinker, the International Spy from Switzerland,) has, it would appear by his actions against us, practiced method acting in real life. As an emotionless agent might, he unceremoniously and rudely shut down our Producer and ejected us from co-producer Jim Bob Productions home after our arranging for 'sitter' help for the out-of-control, falling down drunk 4-5 mights a week...every week...for years, Sister. A Member of Performance Gallery Films, LLC has acted as the unofficial defacto caregiver for years (even sang in the choir and walked Jeanne Meigs in by the hand...everywhere...seen by all in the church and community) while in their home clearly an invited guest by our partner, and his mother. The  'uncle' and 'aunt' have the legal right to ignore, "all the bruises they know of from her falling down drunk. He had a hundred opportunities to help us out,” according to William Acker’s nephew, James H. Meigs, III (aka, Jim Bob, Mr. Bob, Fat Butt, Lurleen’s Man, Jimbo, 718, “Hey, is that Renee sitting on his lap,” etc.) 

Production Quote File:

(Grapefruit Size Hematoma Above Left Eye - 90 lb woman in early 80’s on returning from my home in Chattanooga, TN to film at the lake and check in on them. She looked like she had been beaten up. Called my RN for recommendations as she looks absolutely horribly. “Ghastley.” She didn’t go to hospital, of course. She had a sheepish look on her face and said, "I hit the bed post.”

"Mom told him this time that she hit the bed 'cause it was too high. Billy told her she needed to cut off the legs,” said Jim Bob rolling his eyes and shaking his head. “She fell off the toilet drunk and going to the bathroom all over the place. She face planted onto the bathroom floor. I had to clean it up.”


This $40 per hour help arranged through Jeanne Meigs own Physician (Dr. Ty K Stansell, MD, Anniston Family Practice) brought on the needed attention to her alcoholic death spiral of years. She manages to pull Jim Bob down to the ground when she falls. They both cannot get up. Jim sends text messages as above. No one, not “brother, “uncle,” or “one aunt,” TOOK ACTION.  Their highly educated response is to kick out the Member of Performance Gallery Films. LLC and blame someone else for LEGALLY IGNORING THE BRUISES and episodes of falling down.


There is even the actual COURT CASE in Circuit Court down at the bottom of the mountain where a convicted felon bilked Billy Acker's sister, Jeanne Meigs and handicapped son out of approximately $18,000 for "Yard Work." Seems one of them appeared at the door one day with a moldy branch. They managed to continue with bogus 'Yard Work" to the tune of $18,000. (It might even be $8,000.00...what does it matter?) In court, one of the 'yard gang’ arrested URINATED ON THE FLOOR during arraignment apparently expressing disdain. THIS WAS THE SAME PERSON WHO CHARGED IN AFTER JIM BOB MEIGS AFTER THEY WILDLY SEVERED THE RED TIP PHOETINA BETWEEN HOUSES and Jim Bob expressed shock and outrage. The Urinating-In-Court man ‘charged in behind me,” Jim Bob recounted years ago. “He was screaming, “Will you forgive me? Will you forgive me?' I wrote him a check with him looking over my shoulder so I could get rid of him." The Uncle was asked about this event in the last, futile attempt in his own home at regaining normalcy and he replied, “ I don’t remember.”


It was after this experience that James Meigs, III called his cousin to come get him, please, for some relief. His cousin saw two broken, unattended old people and the moldy unattened downstairs and asked him, “Maybe I oughta move up here and help you out a bit. It would help me out, too. They put HARD TILE FLOORS above your head in the Berry Manor down there.” 


You all know him to have a sweet heart. Look at the revived face on the right, below.

The silliness will continue with his will's oppressors possessing a view that the JB on the left is, "all hepped up marijuana. Look at him he's a pot head.'

We hear your laughter. T’aint no evil marijuana smoking going on here...that boys got lots of other stuff goin' on. yes? NOT...dum, dum, dum...Cocaine! COULD BE MOONSHINE, DON’T YA’ KNOW? He has a record, don’t he. He been arrested quite a few times for drunk driving.


(L) Way before aneurysm. Not dead yet. James H. Meigs, III, Star of and Co-Producer of the Franchise.

Since helping him publish his own Facebook page a few of you have shown up.

BECAUSE IT  IS SO EMBARRASSING FOR ALL OF US to watch his Uncle Billy, Mother Jeanne, Aunt Joyce, Stockbroker “Sidney” and “Brother Bill” LEGALLY “treat me like a DOG...all my life!”...we have his life story moving over here for recording. Speaking, of recording, we will mention just righ’chere this sabotage caused us to postpone a scene between a very well known country music star and a funny driver who can ride with the big boys over there in Talladega. Now, that’s a shame. They were both going to be dressed in orange & yellow...get it?  

FOJB: Probably not an "EVIL MARIJUANA" Look above , eh? 😜

As, a ‘legally signed actor without pay,' 'William P. Acker,’ ‘Tinker,’ the International Spy & Villian in “The Lake Drain2.”  He did a nice job.

The director wanted to see if he actually had enough emotion available to laugh from the gut. We pulled it out. We're real positive around here. There's a human being in there. Human beings account for thier actions, we hear. We asked him later if he remembered laughing hard and freely and he said he had no recollection.

 The real story of, "The Lake Drain" Film is the redemption of a man's right to his willful choices after a life of wealthy Alcoholic familial oppression, denial of their actions and debasement in Anniston, AL. How boring it is to be forced to record emotionally devoid and unaccountable people with "money." We were trying to soften the story’s truth but the truth might be putting him in Long Term Care while he still believes he has the funds to choose to live in his mother’s legal home. We use ‘legal’ because he has no human being emotional support which is evident in the actions by his ‘relatives.’

Well, the Acker’s and Meigs have the right to supress James Meigs, III, don’t they. HE IS THEIR PUPPY. He knows he is treated this way. He does not know why he can’t speak up for himself. We do. Don’t we?

He thought his money was his and he has a generous enough heart  that he began tipping the wonderful waitresses at the iHop and Anniston Waffle House $20. 

Jim Bob with a very, very dear friend in Oxford.  She is a Friend of Jim Bob.

This was on top of $30-$40 breakfasts twice a week. (He took food home.) We ate his breakfasts, too. We even helped him use his green Regions bank card with his name on it. People thanked us for helping him in public. Pressing the Card ID into the machine to help him. PEOPLE SMILED AT US IN PUBLIC BECAUSE THE HANDICAPPED MAN WAS BEING ASSISTED 🤓 Sometimes, We even got HIS cash out for him. We made sure the money machine cameras saw us both get out ‘His” money. JIM BOB WAS HAVING FUN! We even paid at the counter for him using his card. Ever see a handicap person struggle with everything? We used his green card with his name on it to get cash for him because his Momma wouldn’t let him out of the room...literally. We bought groceries for her with his money. We cleaned off the food trays where roaches would play overnight because Jim Bob was too forgetful to ever change them. 

ROACH FOR BREAKFAST There was the one morning when he served her the tray and a roach was hiding under the plate. The roach made it back safely to the kitchen and scurried away when his momma’s breakfast plate was removed. We KNOW that Jim Bob does not remember us standing there while it happened. He did not flinch. He did not acknowledge that he watched it move from under the plate. 

This Blog is for Real Friends of Jim Bob. Since Performance Gallery Films, LLC & ‘Jim Bob Productions’ have had their legitimate feature film production sabotaged by, it seems, but we’re not evil and emotionally devoid millionaire docufiction character legally signed to appear in the sequel. Without any contact with our official host, our office is forced out of our invited presence by Jeanne Meigs, his momma and probable ‘Former” owner of her home. We had to immediately shut down all advertising specifically supported by our Producing Partner on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Many of you have commented on the ads, LOVED THEM and we hope to have them back up ASAP. 

ALL THE MOMENTUM BUILT AND RECORDED WITH THESE COMPANIES HAS COME TO A DRUNKN HALT - we will keep on. There is international attention in the story development. Seems, OPEN GREED MAKES MONEY 😜

That’s a very conservative budget for a feature film and soundtrack album stopped below. 

Conservative, due to the predictably unpredictable nature of HIS ALCOHOLICS. They are NOT our alcoholics. So, here is evidence of being conservative with someone else’s money attempting to be professional (with other PROFESSIONALS) while being held captive by your alcoholic mother in a death spiral. She used to ask him for CHANGE BACK FROM A $20 bill (he was 56-years-old, then) when she was tricked into letting him go out of the house. “Why can’t you bring it back here?” So, eventually James Meigs realized he had money in his name and HE BUILT THE CABIN IN THE FILM. He asked us to, "stay with me 'till I get this cabin built."  Two years later, after forming Performance Gallery Films, LLC before ever coming back to deal with negligence and alcoholism, he asked to come in as ‘Producer’ and we ramped up a conservative and clever  advertising campaign when the film was released 3/3/17 and the Soundtrack around that time. We were just ready to begin a budget and, “Uncle Billy lowered the boom.” Jim Bob was given NO OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE FROM HIS WILL.


Can you believe the guy below this Ancient Age check actually had the money “in his name” to choose a legitimate and legal business appropriately recorded with the Federal Government, the Secretary of State of Tennessee and has all along secured a terrific Certified Professional Accountant (a highly respected veteran professional?) 


(Remember...? --- Who is carrying how much money and what else in the LIGHT BLUE BRONCO? 🤠 He got a LONG way from those days, didn't he? SEND HIM A NOTE OR GIVE HIM A CALL.!...and now the “LAW” done caught up with him again. See below, you wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t put ‘er up there.

So, we are forced to allow his opressors to write the current phase of this real life and active docufictional story. So, we will record events rather than come back and write a boringly predictable effort by people in denial of their continued actions.

Unplanned, we had become the deFacto Caregiver to two broken people where the mother has taken her son captive and will not let him leave the room. The brother and uncle of our broken star had innumerable opportunities over years to intelligently see the bruises and grapefruit sized hematomas were not from, “the bed was too high."

“Uncle Billy told her to have the legs cut off," recounted his nephew.

The real story of, "The Lake Drain" Film is the redemption of a man's right to his willful choices after of life of wealthy Alcoholic familial oppression, denial of their actions and debasement in Anniston, AL.

Jame Meigs, III got out of Anniston, AL and joined the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club to get even farther away from, "Mean Man Meigs." 

My feet were born on me back’ards, said James H. Meigs, III (above) (aka, “Jim Bob,' also d.b.a.  'Jim Bob Productions.' "I think my momma was drunk then, too."

"Friends of Jim Bob (FOJB,) a growing number of real friends living now in Oxford, AL and Anniston, AL, biker buddies from his days in "Rolling Thunder" (he says, "Howdy Boys!") down near Macon, GA, and a growing number of fans of the first film consistently gaining critical appreciation throughout the Internet.

Here's the last scene we were able to film before all the nonsense. Starring the lovely Angie Bentley as the Secret Agent Spy from CERN trying to cut out of Bob where the Map is to the SUBMARINE. She is just fantastic in the film, as you will see!

HINT: "Lurleen is a VERY FULL BODIED WOMAN from his past. She might just be the only woman James Meigs, III has loved in his life. 

Didn’t know we had a 

SUBMARINE planned?

 Well, we sure did! It's a bit underwater at the moment! We be right back.


“Wife, Mother, Murderer : The Marie Hilley Story"

A quarter-century later, the Audrey Marie Hilley criminal saga is still bizarre